It's easy. See for yourself:

Who Else is Doing this:

  1. make your list of 365 people. don't give up, it takes some people a week or more, try reading some of the current players' blogs to get your memories stirred up
  2. start a blog. You can use Blogger, Typepad, or other blogging software. look at some of the current players' blogs to get ideas for the look of yours
  3. let Dan know you're joining the circle by emailing him your blog URL. he'll add you to the link list. then copy the blogrolling linking code below:

    paste it into your blog's template. it makes everyone everywhere have the same set of always current links
  4. decide if you're going to go with the original recipe your age = your number of words or if you want to modify it in some way (haiku, 10 five word lines, whatever, it's all good if you're writing)
  5. start writing and post, one a day, to your blog (you don't have to wait until your list has reached 365 to start)
  6. tell everyone you know about how much fun you're having and steer them to to join in

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